About Us

About Our Institution

We are a global distance learning service provider, having students from all parts of the world. LCHS offers 100+ courses ranges from Foundation to Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. LCHS is specialized in designing and delivering online courses, combining high-quality teaching with the 21st century AI (Artificial Intelligence) based technology, allowing learners to study wherever they are in the world. London Campus of Higher Studies has been working as a partner with many UK based universities and Ofqual regulated awarding bodies.

Our Vision

To transform into a global leader acclaiming technology (Artificial Intelligence) driven institute that provides basic level to higher studies level while sticking with the highest quality standards.

Our Mission

To provide the premium quality of learning and research opportunities to all ambitious learners beyond barriers of age, gender, religion and geographical location by implementing 21st century Artificial Intelligence (AI) based content developed by top experts of their respect fields.

  • To groom the learners to advance their professional careers and infuse an entrepreneurial approach with high ethical and moral standards to make fit for life.
  • To Aim at creating a suitable and ideal culture of research, innovation and cooperation at workplace for staff and faculty members.
  • Earned credentials of all levels are accepted worldwide having an opportunities to open new doors of success.
  • A qualified & expert lecturerโ€™s panel is committed to creating qualifications, resources and support that really engages and motivates you and your students.

Why Choose Our Institution

London Campus of Higher Studies (LCHS) is more than an education. LCHS promises to give you the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to help you in reshaping your future in a secure way. Whether youโ€™re a school leaver or a mature student, LCHS opens up a host of new opportunities and lets you flourish and control your future.

Scholarship Facility

London Campus of Higher Studies has a number of Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships available to new international students for 2024-2025 entry in particular. LCHS offers scholarship as a tuition fee discount or a waiver in an academic year and is subject to satisfactory progress for consecutive years of study.

Skilled Lecturers

Our lecturers are innovative and subject specialists who have expertise in designing, developing and delivering material using a range of methods and platforms. They design course content and material, lesson plans, conduct research and fieldwork, supervise graduate students and be an active member of the college.

Global Recognition

We impart a unique international accreditation with a focus on the development of students as global citizens. LCHS has an extensive network of accredited partners around the world and is committed to demonstrate a high quality international education as a mark of quality assurance.


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